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Rumbling Pride’s Ultra Cruiser Class Motorcycle Flag Kits are designed to the specific needs of cruiser class motorcycles with an additional touch of class and style. Our flag kits mount and look like factory installed equipment while adding a touch of customization. All flag kits are highway speed rated and warranted direct from Rumbling Pride.

  • Uses existing license plate hardware for installation.
  • Universally designed to fit most cruiser class bikes with multiple bracket angles to accommodate both standard and lay-down licenses.
  • When compared to the Cruiser Class Mount it fits closer to the license plate frame.
  • 6” x 9” flag size to compliment and enhance the look of the bike rather than detract like larger "car flags".
  • CCM conversion bracket mounts to license plate frame, and the TCM mount installs to the bracket for a tight, custom look.
  • TCM used to mount on the conversion brackets are available in black satin and triple chrome plated.

The Ultra CCM offers clean lines and seamless installation!

Lifetime Flag Replacement With Purchase of the Mounting System

Same Unique Concept as the Original CCM With a Refined Look

Angles Available for Both Standard and Lay-down Plates
Mounts to Virtually Any Cruiser Class License Plate Assembly
Highway Speed Rated
Increases Motorcycles Visibility
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Installation Instructions
Bracket Angles
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