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Rumbling Pride’s Freedom Series Controller is the core of the Arsenal LED Lighting System, and provides 100% remote controlled functionality to an expanding list of Arsenal LED Lighting products. The Freedom Series Controller offers functionality that is unrivaled, and raises the bar when it comes to LED Lighting.

  • Remotely control nine LED-flashing patterns, a fade mode and a strobe mode
  • Seven freeze modes allow you to stop on each individual color or color combination when using multi-color Arsenal LED products
  • All flashing and fading modes are controlled at five variable speeds
  • Two auxiliary 12-volt outputs
    • Remotely controls Rumbling Pride’s 2-Pin LED products as well as other aftermarket LED lighting systems
    • Provides on/off functionality, plus flash and fade modes controllable at five variable speeds


The ultra compact, all inclusive design that includes a pre-wired in-line fuse, allows easy installation of the controller near the battery. The only hard-wired connection required is positive (+) and negative (-) to the battery, all other connections to the Arsenal LED Lighting system are “Plug-N-Play”. It’s that simple!

  • The Plug-N- Play interconnectivity between all Arsenal LED lighting products saves time on installation and provides for additional lighting to be easily added at any time.
  • Virtual limitless product installation, go from mild to wild!
  • Compact Design (23/4”L x 23/8”W x 11/16”D)
  • Full five-year manufacturer warranty.

Remote Control

The compact remote controls the power on/off, flash, fade and freeze modes, as well as the segment rotation speeds of the Arsenal Lighting tubes and accent lighting. It has a retractable antenna, with an operational range of up to 65 yards, line of sight.

The Freedom III remote control incorporates an additional button to control the auxiliary 12V output feature of the Freedom III controller.

Controller Kit Includes:

1 - Freedom Controller
2 - Remote Controls
2 - Spare Fuses
2 - 12" Interconnect Cables
2 - 24" Interconnect Cables
1 - Roll of Connector
Sealing Tape



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